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How To Clean Dslr Mirror

how to clean dslr mirror

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  • A digital single-lens reflex camera (digital SLR or DSLR) is a digital camera that uses a mechanical mirror system and pentaprism to direct light from the lens to an optical viewfinder on the back of the camera.

  • Well many people just say SLR they do not know what it means at all SLR is a abbreviation for  single-lens reflex (SLR).

  • A digital SLR. Exactly the same as an SLR except that a digital sensor is used to capture the image instead of film. See SLR.

how to clean dslr mirror - Mennon CCD

Mennon CCD sensor and Reflex Mirror Cleaner for SLR and DSLR cameras

Mennon CCD sensor and Reflex Mirror Cleaner for SLR and DSLR cameras

Mennon CCD sensor and 45 -reflex mirror cleaner is the perfect solution to keep your pictures clear. It comes with extension tube, CCD cleaning tip and brush. Instruction for Use: # Set the shooting mode to M (Manual), so that you can set the shutter speed to "B". # Switch to MF (Manual Focus)mode, cause in AF(AutoFocus) mode the camera will permanently try to focus in vain, when you remove the lens. # Remove the lens of the camera. # Keep the shutter release button pressed down, so that the shutter remains open during cleaning. We recommend to use a cable shutter release to fixate the release button in pressed down position. # Mount the extension tube and the CCD cleaning tip on the CC-1 and switch it on. Then lightly wipe the surface of the CCD sensor with the soft rubber blade of the CCD cleaning tip 2-3 times without any pressure. # In the same way you can clean the 45 -reflex mirror of (D)SLR cameras, carefully avoiding any pressure, cause the reflector easily can be broken. # To check the cleaning success, remount the lens, set the aperture to the smallest and photograph a white paper full format. Any remaining dust on the CCD shows on the picture. IMPORTANT NOTES: * Before cleaning a CCD make sure that the camera's batteries are fully charged. Low power lets the shutter close. If that happens while you are cleaning the CCD, the shutter might be severely damaged. * CCD-cleaning should be done only indoors in a dust free environment. The temperature should be above 5 C, cause otherwise the camera's batteries might fail. * Usually the dust on CCDs consists of loose, non-sticky particles. You can wipe and vacuum it away without using any chemical solvents. * Clean both sides of the rubber blade of the CCD tip with the included brush, before and after cleaning. * The rubber blade of the CCD tip is sensitive. Do not use it on other surfaces than the CCD sensor and reflex mirror surface. * The CC-1 uses 4 AA batteries. For best vacuum performance fully

85% (14)

The Last Digital Photo

The Last Digital Photo

That black strip on the bottom is the mirror forced to stay partly in frame because the focus screen sort of fell out. Made crunching sounds. Two nights prior I decided to attempt biking home while rather (and very surprisingly) drunk. I blacked out a few times, falling off my bike. Piecing forgotten memories together I gather that I walked home after about two blocks of unbalance. Camera most likely rattling in my bag by that point.

Last photo my DSLR took. Haven't touched digital since then.

I suppose this is rather fitting and on theme with my life. Film has taken a surprisingly larger role, I don't know why. I always thought I'd stick to digital and that would be that, no worries about physical mediums and mess.

With film I've slowed down, taking a photo a day is a rarities, let alone a few dozen to hundreds of pictures a day which is where I was at with digital. Taking my time to get shots that excite me with quality, instead of fire hosing my memory card in the hopes that whatever gamble I took, one of the images will turn out almost where I wanted it to be. It's time to perfect what I was doing with the current style of photography I was enjoying.

This slowing down, I felt, also reflected in my life. Slowing down to focus on the things that I cared about, that were close to my heart. Things that needed attention and caring, like myself, the people I loved, being creative and outgoing in what I built. Much in the same way someone says that they can now finally plop down and start a family, I felt I could now breath and look towards making things internal and external to me of a degree higher, giving more attention to entities that needed it. Cleaning ghosts out of my closet and mending those that are already there and present.

Over time I've become more obsessive with film. Bought a new (heavy) camera that I had no idea how to operate minutes before leaving for that silly place out there that's hot and dry. Acquired more and more odd film. Shot things I would never see again, shot a lot. Became annoyed with the level of quality scans provided by my favorite photo lab. Rolls and rolls of film, developed and not, waiting for me to find the time to not be so meticulous with other parts of my photography body, self. Some how slowing down for me was the exact opposite, I've shot less the second half of this year then I have before, yet here I am with a backlog of photos from forever ago and images I have only blinked at once waiting for me to rouse them up from beyond their emulsion.

Hand in hand my life became complicated with things. The thought of slowing down was a rather big joke. Allowing my job to slowly grip and pull my soul away from my personal self, a lust for money and a stable schedule. New and fresh projects came along, diverting my attention away from uncompleted ones (which still sit undone). Lovely new faces, and older ones, came into my life. I appreciated the comfort and company they provided while we exchange experiences.

Work, projects, new found love, all of these things came together, as they tend to within this community of crazy friends I have. All of these points of intensity slowly drew me away from someone I loved and once held close to me dearly. Drawing me away from the attention I told myself I would be giving to a relationship that needed it (always needed it). I lied to myself, saying things were fine and going well, fooling myself that another few days could pass and then I'd have time. The ones I loved, my friends, myself, all pushed away, ignored, and not bringing myself to be attentive to, all from lying to myself about slowing down on focuses with projects and work.

Time is such a funny metric. Free time exists in the future, but never in the now, never when it's needed. And don't me get started on the hopes and wishes of going into the past to mend things that should have never fallen to such depths. Undoable and unrecoverable.

And here I am, a broken camera in one hand, a shattered heart in the other. Both of my own doing.

87/365 - 3/28/2011

87/365 - 3/28/2011

So that's how he does it...

I really didn't feel like doing a TtV tonight, but I figured, I might as well show those who have no idea how I get this effect on my photos exactly how I get this effect on my photos...

As you can see, it's quite the elaborate set up - duct tape, cardboard boxes/cardboard shipping tubes, more duct take and an old Twin Lens Reflex camera (in this case, an Argus 75). Technically, it's not a TLR since the view lens does not focus with the "taking" lens as the "taking" lens is a fixed focal length. However, it does have a nice big viewfinder on the top. When one would take a photo with one of these old cameras, they would hold it at waist-level and compose the shot by staring down into the viewfinder on top of the camera. One thing to keep in mind is that the viewfinder uses a mirror to show the image, so the image in the viewfinder is reversed.

These old cameras were not built air-tight or dust-tight, so most of them tend to have quite a bit of dust on the viewfinder mirror and or the viewfinder itself. Some even have a bit of corrosion on the mirror, if you're lucky!

So, I point my DSLR down at the viewfinder and shoot away. However, in most cases, the outside light can reflect off the viewfinder and cause a glare. So, I have created a contraption that blocks out the light and enables a nice clean shot of the viewfinder. I did not come up with this idea myself - I actually learned it from another flickr-r. This is my own take on the contraption though. I used a rectangular box that is attached to the lens tube at the top. This enables me to switch out bottom cameras really easily. I have quite a few that I like to use (Anscoflex Reflex II, Kodak Duaflex I, Spartus Full-Vue, Voigtlander Brilliant, and an Ensign Ful-Vue) and this contraption enables me to use all of them. My favorite is the Brilliant as it has by far the most unique viewfinder. Looking through my stream, you'll find quite a few instances.

So - that's how I do it! Now scour those garage sales and find yourself one of these old beauties (or uglies) and shoot away!

Wait - does it look like I'm balding? Oh crap - I'm too young to be balding...I'm not really balding, am I? NOoooooo.....

how to clean dslr mirror

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