How to disk clean up - Cleaning a sheepskin rug

How To Disk Clean Up

how to disk clean up

    clean up
  • tidy: put (things or places) in order; "Tidy up your room!"

  • make a big profit; often in a short period of time; "The investor really cleaned up when the stock market went up"

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    how to
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  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations

  • Cultivate (a field) with a disk harrow

  • something with a round shape resembling a flat circular plate; "the moon's disk hung in a cloudless sky"

  • harrow: draw a harrow over (land)

  • phonograph record: sound recording consisting of a disk with a continuous groove; used to reproduce music by rotating while a phonograph needle tracks in the groove

how to disk clean up - Seagate FreeAgent

Seagate FreeAgent DockStar Network Adapter STDSA10G-RK (White)

Seagate FreeAgent DockStar Network Adapter STDSA10G-RK (White)

The FreeAgent DockStar network adapter allows you to share your digital life with anyone, anywhere. Centralize your files to a single location and access them with any networked computer in your home. Create a shared space for your friends to download content you designate and to upload their own content.The FreeAgent DockStar network adapter is a compact dock which allows FreeAgent Go portable drives and most USB storage devices to be shared on your local network or accessed remotely via the internet, after service activation. The FreeAgent Go drive simply slides into the FreeAgent DockStar network adapter, making it easy to remove when you want to take the drive with you while on-the-go. All other USB storage devices plug into one of the two rear-mounted or one side-mounted USB ports. The FreeAgent DockStar network adapter simultaneously supports up to four storage devices, so you will never have to worry about running out of storage space. Simply plug in two cables (Ethernet and power) and visit the web activation page to activate and automatically configure the network adapter. Once activated, you can access all your files with a clean, web-based interface. The same interface is used to view files from any networked computer in your home and outside of the home when accessing files remotely. The user interface displays all the files on all of the drives you have connected to the FreeAgent DockStar network adapter, along with all of the files shared with you by other FreeAgent DockStar network adapter owners.You can easily navigate the user interface with thumbnail or list views, search by file name or filter by media type. The FreeAgent DockStar network adapter also appears like a local drive on your computer, so that you can easily navigate and drag-and-drop files just like a folder on your desktop.

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My Organized Chaos...

My Organized Chaos...

©2010 Susan Ogden-All Rights Reserved
Images Thruthelookingglass

or what is also known as what drives my husband crazy! Under all this "stuff" is my dining room table...but i find it to be an awesome place to sprawl out with all my photo stuff and my computer! I know it looks sort of messy....well, ok, REALLY messy...but honest injun i know where everything is that i need...
yes, i have several other rooms i could probably relocate to, but i like it here...easy access to the office...the kitchen...the back studio room...the phone...the's PERFECT!
This is how it looked this morning....but by this evening it was far worse....with paper and bags and cardboard all over the floor....which Max, my friends dog was delightedly shredding, as we set about printing and matting and framing pictures that i have procrastinated about for too long! i was very excited to see the outcome of my work taking shape into some very pretty things!! Now, the table is cleaned up....the rest of the frames and mats are in the butler's pantry with the rest of my art supplies and the only thing remaining out here in the dining room is my computer, camera and a couple of things i need...(my external HD, pens and paper and a couple of books.)
i made some notes on the photo so that some of the "things" deemed necessities could be i am sure they are only necessary to me!
g'nite y'all..............i may be scarce over the next week as i prepare for Brittany and Russ' wedding....will check in when i need a sanity break! {{HUGS}}

geno's is better than pats - 132/365

geno's is better than pats - 132/365

I finally got my computer back, after ten days apart from it, and boy does it feel good to be back. She is all cleaned up and looks brand new, so hopefully I won't have anymore problems. Not having a computer actually wasn't terrible. I got a lot of reading done, and caught up on some shows on Netflix (ours is connected to the TV). The thing I missed most was keeping up with all of your photos. I tried to follow along as best I could on my mobile, but I know I missed more of your shots than I saw. It is nice to see everything on a proper screen again.

The other thing I missed was the end of my 365, which was supposed to have been last Sunday. How anticlimactic. I've got all the photos stored up on my memory card, just waiting to be uploaded and processed. Unfortunately, as a result of the repairs, I can't access any of my photo editing programs without the serial number, which is on the original discs, which are in St. Louis. So I've got my mom and brother searching high and low to find them and mail them to me so I can get hooked up again. Until then, I'll be posting some catch ups from my 365. Hope you don't mind. :)

Here is a verrrry old shot from my 365 that I never got around to posting.

how to disk clean up

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